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Leeds Festival Chorus is a chorus singing to professional standards with 150 performing members in soprano, alto, tenor and bass sections.

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We're excited to see our new poster up outside @LeedsTownHall advertising our next concert! #feelingfestive #notlongnow Tickets available from https://t.co/MPa5gT7sL6

Get booking now for 'Festive Box of Delights' as @Opera_North & @LFChorus join forces for a seasonal concert @LeedsTownHall on 9 December. 🎄 https://t.co/vyksIURSxc

Looking forward to this seasonal event as the @Opera_North Orchestra and @LFChorus join together for a sparkling concert at @LeedsTownHall on December 9. https://t.co/vyksIURSxc

.@Opera_North & @LFChorus join together for a sparkling concert @LeedsTownHall on 9 December. 🎄 FESTIVE BOX OF DELIGHTS » https://t.co/QWA0892azU

🎁 Feeling at all Christmassy yet? Fancy a 'Festive Box of Delights' with #ONOrchestra & @LFChorus @LeedsTownHall?